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Who is Knowledge Adventure?

For over 25 years, Knowledge Adventure® has developed dozens of successful titles including JumpStart®, Math Blaster™, Reading Blaster™, KidWorks, their typing series. Knowledge Adventure's software, estimated to appear in one out of every five U.S. classrooms, combines the latest educational research with appealing, modern games.

Software Titles

JumpStart® World of Learning

JumpStart® World of Learning is a whimsical 3-D community series that integrates current research and state standards for an optimum learning experience for students in grades PreK-2.
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Math Blaster

Math Blaster™ is an award-winning educational software title that helps students improve math scores while developing confidence, speed and accuracy.
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Reading Blaster

Reading Blaster™ develops phonics, spelling, language mechanics, and vocabulary skills with engaging activities and learning levels for all students.
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KidWorks Deluxe

KidWorks Deluxe combines a word processor and a paint program into one ultrafun-multimedia creativity kit.
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Kid Keys 2.0

Engaging exercises and lessons teach kids typing basics such as identifying letter keys, keyboard control, finger placement, how to use a mouse, how to “click and drag,” and typing words and sentences.
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JumpStart Typing®

Students build proficiency through repetitive training and interactive lessons teaching hand placement, posture, key identification, accuracy, speed, and technique, and offering progress reports and multiple difficulty levels.
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Improving Efficacy

All of the products from Knowledge Adventure begin with research and fact finding from the experts in the field – classrooms. All Knowledge Adventure products are based on the latest scientific research regarding how children learn and how technology can be used to enhance and support that experience. By using research, professional writers, and beta testing we are able to create products that provide supplemental support for early literacy and help ensure that teachers and students receive positive and rewarding results.

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