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What is JumpStart World of Learning?

JumpStart World of Learning is a revolutionary educational software solution that transforms math, reading and critical thinking lessons into adventures! Students are invited to embark on a journey through JumpStart World, where they will master dozens of skills based on state and national educational standards. Designed by educators and built with cutting edge interactive technology, JumpStart World of Learning is a powerful supplemental learning program that every early elementary classroom needs.


  • Classroom management system allows each teacher to organize their classroom and view progress by student or class.
  • Immersive 3D play makes students feel like they're inside a world of adventure and learning.
  • Learning curriculum designed by educators and based on state standards.
  • An ever-changing world transforms with the seasons and holidays using a real-time calendar.
  • Personalized learning system opens up new lands and challenges according to each student's progress.
  • Students are motivated to keep learning by earning gems and badges.
  • Exportable progress reports keep teachers up-to-date with student progress, skill by skill.
  • Students make the world their own with photos, artwork and more.


Preschool Curriculum

  • Math: Number recognition, Quantities, Counting
  • Reading: Alphabet Recognition, Rhyming, Phonics, Visual Discrimination
  • Critical Thinking: Follow Directions, Problem Solving, Patterns, Sorting
  • Social Skills: Community Awareness, Healthy Food Choices, and Exercises
  • Over 75 skills in all!

Kindergarten Curriculum Skills

  • Math: Sorting, Shapes, Graphs, Counting, Measurements, Calendars
  • Reading: Rhyming, Phonics, Letters, Sounds, Listening Comprehension
  • Critical Thinking: Spatial Awareness, Visual Discrimination, Directions
  • Social Skills: Friendship and Teamwork
  • Over 200 skills in all!

1st Grade Curriculum Skills

  • Math: Addition, Subtraction, Telling Time, Fractions, Picture Graphs
  • Reading: Phonics, Consonants, Vowels, Sentences, Comprehension
  • Critical Thinking: Problem Solving, Patterns, Attributes, Classification
  • Social Skills: Friendship, Knowledge, Dedication
  • Over 280 skills in all!

2nd Grade Curriculum Skills

  • Math: Addition, Subtraction, Money Fractions, Tally Charts, Time
  • Reading: Parts of Speech, Comprehension, Antonyms, Word Building
  • Critical Thinking: Problem Solving, Patterns, Attributes, Classification
  • Social Skills: Preparations, Perseverance, Cooperation
  • Over 300 skills in all!
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