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What is Math Blaster™?

Math Blaster™ is an award-winning educational software title that helps students improve math scores while developing confidence, speed and accuracy.

Math Blaster™ provides skill-building tools for PreK-8 students, designed to boost their achievement on standards-based tests and help meet progress and goals.

Math Blaster™ software provides teachers with a systematic approach to target those critical learning areas and address the skills students need to improve their test performance. Teachers can review reports on students' practice activities providing them with immediate feedback on student performance.


  • Math Blaster™ Master the Basics: Extensive practice through fast, futuristic game play increases math speed and accuracy. Thousands of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems help students master math skills and improve problem-solving abilities. For ages 6-12.
  • Math Blaster™ Grades PreK-2: Six action-packed activities help students master basic math skills and explore key concepts. Through 150 lessons and 1,000 problems presented in five levels of difficulty, students learn to count numbers, tell time, identify money, use systems of measurement, and perform basic operations. Progress reports and printable activities are included.
  • Math Blaster™ Grades 1-3: Eight absorbing activities with five levels of content introduce addition, subtraction, and sorting of simple and complex number sets. Over 350 lessons and 1,000 problems and puzzles build operations and data skills, while exploration activities build visual and logical thinking skills. Progress reports and printable activities are included.
  • Math Blaster™ Grades 2-4: Over 350 stimulating math lessons and 1,000 problems and puzzles build problem-solving, estimating, and equation building skills while developing student confidence. Realistic challenges in 50 skill areas engage students as they perform data interpretation, apply basic operations, and employ geometry skills through several levels of difficulty.
  • Math Blaster™ Grades 4-6: Ten activities in an adventure-story context keep students engaged while they develop complex intermediate math skills by completing equations and using integers, fractions, decimals, and percentages. The program presents over 50,000 problems in 10 skill areas with several levels of difficulty, and includes online help and math tips.
  • Math Blaster™ Pre-Algebra (Grades 5-8): Nine activities focused on decimals, integers, and rational numbers prepare students for algebra as they learn to graph numbers and find solutions on a coordinate grid. Over 4,000 word problems and equation writing exercises help students develop critical thinking skills while they advance through multiple levels in an exciting mystery setting.
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