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What is Reading Blaster?

Reading Blaster™ develops phonics, spelling, language mechanics, and vocabulary skills with engaging activities and learning levels for all students.

Reading Blaster software provides teachers with a systematic approach to target those critical learning areas and address the skills students need to improve their test performance. Teachers can review reports on students' practice activities providing them with immediate feedback on student performance.


  • Reading Blaster™ Grades PreK-1: Progressively challenging activities in phonics, the alphabet, and word knowledge introduce critical pre-reading skills. Eight read-along storybooks and problem-solving challenges develop basic literacy and the thinking skills needed for reading comprehension.
  • Reading Blaster™ Grades K-2: Ten engaging activities develop phonetic and language mechanics skills while introducing more than 1,500 vocabulary words. Students read short passages of illustrated text and move through five levels of reading content. Printable stories and word search puzzles enhance the hands-on reading experience.
  • Reading Blaster™ Grades 1-3: Six engaging activities develop essential spelling, phonics, grammar, and vocabulary skills and equip students to read and listen effectively. Five adjustable levels of content, over 2,000 vocabulary words, and 25 read-along books let your students be the detectives, making reading fun!
  • Reading Blaster™ Grades 4-6: Over 75 mystery reading passages develop critical thinking skills such as reading for details, finding the main idea, making inferences, and drawing conclusions. By applying context clues and grammar rules, students discover word meanings and build comprehension skills over increasing difficulty levels. 
  • Spelling Blaster™: Engaging phonics-based activities introduce spelling rules and patterns for over 1,700 words. Spell Track™ monitors misspelling trends, and multiple word-attack strategies help students learn to spell with consistency and accuracy. An easy-to-use editor lets you create customized word lists. Printable word searches and crossword puzzles reinforce the learning.
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